BeCommerce Cross-Border Summit 6th Edition

From Option to Necessity: Expanding E-commerce Across Different Markets


BeCommerce Cross-Border Summit 6th Edition

In a small market such as Belgium, the key to e-commerce growth is crossing borders and selling abroad. We hear many worldwide and European facts and figures. In 2018, 36% of the European online shoppers did their purchases cross-border. What does our cross-border spending really look like? What is happening on the Belgian market? The International Post Corporation will open the summit and share the key results of their in-depth market research with us by presenting facts and figures about the Belgian cross-border e-commerce market.

Knowing this is one thing, taking action is another. 

  • How will you build your cross-border strategy? How can you can sell directly to your foreign consumers? How will you be dealing with e-commerce returns? Nayan 

  • How can you expand your business through online marketplaces?

  • How can you increase trust in your webshop and in your brand? How can you understand what customers in that market want? You have to be able to communicate in the dominant language your customers read. Trustpilot

  • Customers in 46 countries: How can you have an international virtual presence thanks to smart phone numbers or text messages? Nomado

  • How do you optimize your performance marketing abroad? How do you manage all this market data? eCade

  • How can you meet customer expectations about delivery by maximizing profitability? Smile

  • What exactly are the opportunities and challenges of cross-continental e-commerce? University of Antwerp & Brussels Airport 

  • How will you be clearing customs in your cross border transactions? FPS Finance - BE-GATE

We will close off the summit with a debate questioning the platform market economy. 

This year, the Cross-border Summit will take place in the headquarters of Worldline. Connecting and securing transactions on a daily basis, Worldline covers the entire payment value chain. Their technological experts create and operate digital platforms that handle millions of highly critical transactions between a company, its partners, and its customers. The Worldline team consists of more than 11,000 people worldwide, with 2018 pro forma revenue of 2.2 billion euros.

Program overview


Drinks and sandwiches

Welcome by BeCommerce

by Sofie Geeroms, Managing Director @BeCommerce

Welcome by the Host

by Vincent Coussement, Country Manager Belgium @Worldline

Opening Keynote by International Post Corporation & DNS Belgium

by Luke Lloyd, Market Research Manager @International Post Corporation

Cross-Border E-Commerce Shopper Survey 2018: Belgian Facts & Figures

by Philip Du Bois, General Manager @DNS Belgium

The Domain Name Extension Market in Belgium: Demographics and Use of .be Names

Case Study #1 by Nayan

by Benny Sintobin, Founder & Brand Strategist @Nayan

How will you Build your Cross-Border Strategy? Food for Thought.


Case Study #2 by

by Sacha Buyck, Country Manager België

The Changing E-Commerce Landscape: How Platforms offer Cross-Border Opportunities to Local Entrepreneurs

Case Study #3 by Trustpilot

by Pepijn Eijgenraam, Account Management and Sales @Trustpilot

Success Across Borders thanks to Trust in your Brand

Case Study #4 by nomado

by Olivier Vermeersch, Telecom expert and co-founder @nomado

5 Best Tips to Cross Sales Borders: How we Got Customers in 46 Countries


Coffee, tea & sweets

Case Study #5 by eCade

by Patrick Billiet, Co-founder @eCade

Cross-Border E-Commerce: The Necessity to Monitor your Competitors Abroad

Case Study #6 by Smile

by Jean-Charles Bordes, Group e-commerce director @Smile

The Necessity of an Efficient Order Management System: Product Stockouts and Delivery Requirements in your New Markets

Expert Insights by the University of Antwerp & Brussels Airport

by Thomas Van Asch, Transport economist @U.A.

Cross-Continental E-Commerce Opportunities and Challenges: The Role of Airports in Facilitating and Developing Cross-Border E-commerce

Case Study #7 by FPS Finance

by Werner Rens, Counsellor-general @FPS Finance

Customs Innovations to Face the E-Commerce Challenges - BE GATE


C-level Debate

Belgian Merchants in Search for Markets: Are Platforms the Solution to Expand internationally?

Moderator: Cor Molenaar, Prof. eMarketing @RSM, Director @eXQuo Consultancy & Managing partner @Platformsupport & Consultancy

Participants: Stijn Gasthuys, Global Sales Director Merchant @Worldline & Werner Rens, General Advisor @FPS Finance



Drinks and finger food


Sofie Geeroms
» Managing Director @BeCommerce

Benny Sintobin
» Founder & Brand Strategist @Nayan

Vincent Coussement
» General Manager @Worldline Belgium

Thomas Van Asch
» Transport economist @University of Antwerp

Pepijn Eijgenraam
» Account Management and Sales @Trustpilot

Luke Lloyd
» Market Research Manager @International Post Corporation

Patrick Billiet
» Co-founder @eCade

Stijn Gasthuys
» Global Sales Director Merchant @Worldline

Werner Rens
» Counsellor-general @FPS Finance

Olivier Vermeersch
» Telecom expert and co-founder @nomado

Cor Molenaar
» Professor eMarketing @RSM, Director @eXQuo Consultancy & Managing partner @Platformsupport & Consultancy

Jean-Charles Bordes
» Group e-commerce director @Smile

Philip Du Bois
» General Manager @DNS Belgium

Sacha Buyck
» Country Manager BelgiĆ«

Thomas Garnesson
» Managing Director @Seven Senders


Worldline, Haachtsesteenweg 1442, 1130 Brussel

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